2018 Lineback Sale

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Sale: April 7, 2018

Kish Valley Dairy Sales

100 Walnut Street, Belleville, Pennsylvania

We are hoping this sale will be one for the record books! Start thinking about your consignments now. We have nearly a whole year to plan and we welcome new consignors and would love to have consignments from previous year’s consignees. As many dairy farmers have sold out and retired, we struggle to keep our consignor numbers up, as more people are interested in the Lineback breed. We want to keep our breed growing, moving forward and to help our breeders successfully market their animals. If you have any questions regarding the sale or have animals you're thinking consigning, please contact the Sale Chairman Bernard Baily at (484) 883-2819 or Jesse Stowe at (240) 304-5735.

Barnard Baily: 484-883-2819
Jesse Stowe: 240-304-5735

Quality Linebacks;
Show Calves, Springers, Fresh Cows, and a few Breeding Bulls!


*Lineback breeders have semen available, so don’t forget to BRING YOUR TANK!!


  • You do NOT need to be a member to consign or purchase animals to the National Sale.
  • The sale manger has the right to refuse any animal consigned to the sale (this includes after delivery of the animal to the sale barn).
  • NO OUTSTANDING debts (with the ALCR) from consignors.
  • All animals MUST be registered (except animals under the age of 2 weeks.)
  • All animals MUST be accompanied by health charts and proper vaccinations.
  • All bulls consigned must be of a “B” Class or above and MUST be accompanied by a female.

Any animal over 6 months consigned to the sale M