Lineback Patterns

There are 4 distinctive patterns to the Lineback Breed: Classic White Witrick, Dark Sided Witrick, Dark Speckled Witrick, Gloucester.  Each displaying a unique color pattern.  All marked Linebacks will have speckled or dark sides, a dark nose, dark lined eyes and dark ears, with a white line down the back of the animal. The colors may range from Black, Red, Brown, Blue or White.


Classic White Witrick:

Mainly white except for some colored sprinkles throughout the body. A dark nose, dark ears and dark outline around the eyes.

*The White Classic Witrick color pattern has proved to be the most Dominant pattern, when cross-breeding with other Linebacks or any other breed.



Dark Sided Witrick:

A dark and solid color pattern on the sides of the animal.


Dark Speckled Witrick:

A dark Speckled color pattern on the sides of the animal. Typically an even distribution of white and dark coloring.



Solid dark sides on the animal. White Garters around the top of the legs and along the bottom of the belly. Along with the distinctive white stripe across the back from head to tail.

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